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Rockefeller Plaza model30 Rockefeller Plaza


Cut out and assemble the base of the building. Note the reverse and forward folds which make a stair-step shape on the east side of the building. Score the fold lines on the front or back of the paper to create the stepped shape.

Cut out the entryway and glue to the sides and end of the building base.


Assemble the short west tower and glue to the end of the building base.

Score and cut out the observation level of the building. Note the reverse fold making the tiny stair-step shape. Fold the piece and then set it aside for step 6.

Score the many small fold lines on the main section of the tower. Cut out and crease the folds carefully. Test the fit of the tabs and small rooftops which tuck under each section of roof before gluing the piece together.

Glue the tabs one at a time, starting at the top. Use a tweezers to press each tab inside the piece into position. Before the glue dries, lay the piece on its side to make sure the tower is straight and each folded front wall meets the side walls squarely. Adjust the positioning of the walls if necessary.

Assemble the narrower upper part of the tower in the same way as the main tower. Start at the top and fold each front wall to meet squarely with the side walls. Lay the piece on its side to make sure it is straight and even before the glue sets. Set this piece aside for step 6.

5 Glue the tower to the stair-steps of the base.
  Score and cut out the tall piece at the west side of the tower. Fold into a long rectangular box and glue to the base and back of the tower.

6 Glue the narrow upper part of the tower from step 4 in place to the stepped part of the tower and over the entryway.

Glue the observation deck in place on top of the tower. You may need to trim the lower front part of the observation deck slightly to tuck behind the front wall of the tower.

Finally, cut out the tiny top level above the west end of the tower. Fold into a box shape and glue in place to the top of the tower above the long rectangular section.

At last your model of 30 Rockefeller Plaza is finished!

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