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Washington Memorial Arch

Cut out the main section of the arch and glue it into the shape of a box. Note that the corner where the walls meet is marked on the tab with an asterisk.

Next cut out the inside of the arch. Roll the curved section over a round object to match the curvature of the arch. Before gluing it in place, test to make sure it fits correctly inside the walls of the main section. When you are ready to glue it in place, you can use a tweezers to push the inside piece perfectly into place before the glue sets.

Cut out the top of the wall and the roof piece. Fold the wall into a low rectangular box. Look for the words of the mottoes printed at the center of the wall to make sure it is not upside-down! Note also that the corner where the walls meet is marked on the tab by an asterisk.

Glue the roof piece inside the walls, matching the corner marked by an asterisk with the corner where the walls meet. The bottom edge of the tabs will match up with the bottom edge of the wall.

Cut out the flat cornice piece and score it down the center. Fold it in half and glue the two sides together like a closed book. Press the piece flat under a heavy object until the glue dries.
Finally, glue the cornice to the top of the large walls and the rooftop to the top of the cornice. Match the asterisks on the corners of the cornice to the corners where the walls meet.

And now your model of Washington Memorial Arch is finished!

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